17.2.2021 – 18:10z

Origami Studios Updates Gatwick Scenery for X-Plane 11 to v1.1

Origami Studios have today released a well-wanted, and promised, update for their recently released rendition of Gatwick Airport (EGKK) for X-Plane 11. Titled as v1.1, it is the first update for the scenery after the initial release that happened just five days ago.

The new update brings both new features and fixes. These include, for example, tweaked SAM parameters on certain gates and stands, adjusted UV mapping on Gatwick Shuttle tracks, added holding point J4 as well as optional non-PBR objects, or exclusion zone in front of the Boeing Hanger to eliminate trees.

Furthermore, details were added to some buildings, jetways were made more reliant while using Zibo aircraft, and the doubling up of cars near Maintenance Area 1 was removed. The complete changelog of the new version can be seen below in the article.

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The update can be downloaded through the iniBuilds Store and installed by replacing the old files with the new ones. If you don’t own the scenery yet and would like to purchase it, you can do so through the iniBuilds Store for a price of approximately €23 with VAT excluded.

Gatwick is one of the biggest and busiest airports in the entire United Kingdom. It offers mainly easyJet flights around Europe, though still offers many other long haul routes to the United States, especially with Virgin Atlantic.

Changelog (v1.1)

  • Added optional non-PBR objects to installation
  • Added exclusion zone in front of Boeing Hanger to try and eliminate trees
  • Added holding point J4
  • Adjusted UV mapping on Gatwick Shuttle tracks
  • Fixed gaps in glass on Pier 2 Modules
  • Added LODS to buildings
  • Culled a significant amount of lights at the south terminal carpark
  • Reduced param size on the car park lights
  • Retract brickwork under Pier 2
  • Added window frames to Pier 4 for a bit more depth
  • Resolved draw order with the glass on the Airbridge
  • Removed doubling up of cars near Maintenance Area 1
  • Adjusted position of curved wall
  • Added Jetway to Stand 25
  • Made glass jetways blend transparent items slightly better
  • Made jetways more reliant with Zibo
  • Tweaked SAM parameters for 12
  • Tweaked SAM parameters for 104
  • Tweaked SAM parameters for 105
  • Tweaked SAM parameters for 552
  • Tweaked SAM parameters for 553
  • Tweaked SAM parameters for 564
  • Fixed holes in roofs on Pier 6
  • Added LODs to some Jetway items

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