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Parallel 42 Releases Coyote Estate Scene For MSFS

Parallel 42 has recently released Estate Scene For MSFS. The developer known to almost every flight simmer has came to us with another exciting rendition for the platform, bringing more diversity to your experience.

The main highlight of the add-on is the legendary Coyote Estate, hence the title, built in colonial style. The building is located in Red Bluff City, California, about 110 miles from Sacramento. The place is surrounded by many National Forests, such as Mendocino National Forest, Lassen National Forest, and Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

The Coyote Estate is not just about its grandeur but also the thrill it offers to flight simmers. It boasts a private airstrip and a helipad, both equipped with night lighting that operates in intervals of 3 minutes off and 2 minutes on. The airstrip, a mere 968ft of dirt, presents a unique challenge due to the wind conditions and its short length. The approach is also more challenging than a regular one, thanks to the treeline close to the northern part of the strip, making every landing an exciting adventure.

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The building features a detailed interior with many rooms, such as a living room, restroom, bedroom, wine vault, or printing service. Next to the villa, we can find a tree house and a nearby campground. The developer is bringing the add-on to life by adding a few micro-scenes at the loading dock, tree house, and recreational area.

One of the most interesting ideas the developer has planned is “Red Bluff Trails.” It will include over 100 drivable off-road trails, ideally created for the Juice Goose. Not only will it be connected by a trail to the Coyote Estate but also to the another Parallel 42 creation, Hogsback Ranch. Worth mentioning is the fact it will be sold separately.

Parallel 42 Coyote Estate Scene brings a whole story to the sim; you can explore this villa for USD 12.00 or EUR 13.95 on the Parallel 42 website. The add-on should also be available at the Orbx store and MSFS Marketplace in a few days.

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