3.2.2024 – 12:38z

Passenger2 Loads Up for MSFS, X-Plane and Even FSX/P3D

Passenger2 is a new addon utility that seeks to fill in the gap in immersion that plagues most flight simulators. While they seek to produce realistic flight dynamics, none really feature true airline and company management tools out of the box. With Passenger2, simmers have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to take passengers between destinations, along with learning the strategy and logistics involved with running an efficient airline business.

When operating a flight, the utility allows the user to experience common aspects of airline operation, such as controlling realistic announcements, overhead signs, and most importantly, the boarding and deplaning of passengers. While said passengers are not fully 3D animated models like that of similar utilities such as GSX, they can (and must) be taken care of throughout with amenities like drink services, and their safety and comfort must be ensured throughout every phase of the flight.

Random events, such as belligerent passengers to operational issues, both large and small, can ensue, all of which pour into the need of the player to maintain good vigilance and know exactly what’s happening throughout their aircraft as the captain.

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Similar to economy systems found in tycoon sims, Passenger2 also features various aspects of the financial side of the business that the player must take into account. From setting ticket prices, to paying wages to the flight crews, as well as expanding and maintaining the airline’s fleet of aircraft—there are a variety of components to manage.

Just like in the real world, efficiency is the name of the game to ensure consistent passenger flow, satisfied workers, and profits staying in the black. It’s clearly all a very involved process. So it helps that the utility even features its own achievement system for the player to progress through as they successfully complete tasks throughout a variety of flights.

Passenger2 has been released with compatibility for all of the major flight sims on the market, not just the likes of Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane 11/12, but even Prepar3D and FSX are included in the mix. As long as you have an aircraft that the utility also fully supports, its toolset appears to be able to be used mostly anywhere. Passenger2 is going for 30.99€ on SimMarket.

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