Carenado has a big portfolio of aircrafts both for Prepar3D and X-Plane. Today, we got the chance to review their newest aircraft, the Dassault Falcon 50EX also known as the FA50EX for X-Plane 11.

The Dassault Falcon 50EX, produced between 1976 and 2008 with over 350 units built, is a super-midsize, long-range business jet with three TFE 731-40 engines. The aircraft can travel up to 3,855 miles (approx. 6,200 km) with up to 6 passengers.

Exterior Model

This is the part of the aircraft with which Carenado has no problem making perfect. FA50EX with its three engines might be challenging to model, but evidently not for Carenado. The aircraft features PBR texturing and custom reflections, which as usual are on very high level. Overall, very good job done by Carenado.

Cockpit design

The cockpit is overall very well designed and modelled, I have nothing bad to say about it. Most of the buttons are clickable, useable and the cockpit layout is the same as in the real aircraft.

Cabin design

Well, you will not visit this part of the aircraft very often, but it adds a nice feeling if you know there is something behind you, not just “nothing”.


Carenado did not include a custom FMC, which means, that there is a default one. This might not seem like a HUGE problem, but it actually is a bigger one. Not because it’s unusable, but because it’s just ruining the experience. As you can see below, Carenado added basic 2D FMC in middle of a fully modelled cockpit.

Most Carenado products are compatible with GTN 750 from Reality XP, a payware GPS plugin, but Carenado should spend some time and develop a custom FMC, not everybody can afford $50 extra for a GPS plugin.

2D default FMC


Carenado included 7 very nice liveries, which can be found below.



Main Door (Open)
GPU (Ground Power Unit)


In this part of the UI you can switch between views, change FOV and volume. Since adding all the views would make this review much longer, I did not include them.


In conclusion, this aircraft is very well modelled and designed, but it lacks optimization. You might experience FPS drops if you have a slower PC. Overall, it’s a great aeroplane which you will enjoy flying. I consider this aircraft worth the money.

You can purchase this aircraft for $39,95 on Carenado official website.


  • High-end 4k PBR (Physically-based Rendering) graphics throughout, with ultra-realistic materials rendition (Dynamic reflections, realistic metal and dielectric materials, etc.)
  • Fully customized in-depth annunciator logic/aural warning logic/throttle logic with functioning latches.
  • Optimized for VR.
  • Custom Proline21 avionics system, all featuring detachable pop-up windows
  • Integrated FMS with detachable pop-up window (Laminar default)
  • Custom Autopilot with detachable pop-up window
  • Rain effect support*
  • In-depth FMOD sound design implementation, including distance effects, realistic turbine reversal effects, etc.
  • RealityXP GTN750 support (with 3D panel display support)
  • Custom electrical system/Starter Logic/Fuel System/Bleed Air System/Avionics busses/Hydraulic Logic
  • Extensive VR support
  • Extensive HDR lighting with gimballed 3D lights and dynamically illuminated ice lights for amazing night lighting effects
  • Includes pressurization and oxygen system
  • End-user customizable via Manifest.json file.
  • Goodway compatible
  • Engine design optimized for XP11.30’s jet engine model
  • Support for “librain” plugin (Requires separate plugin install)
  • Librain support also includes visual ice effects on windows.

Author: George

I've been a flight sim enthusiast for some time now, and I've always enjoyed flying to various destinations all over the world. My favourite airport is by far Corfu with its scenic and challenging approach. I founded FSNews in May 2019.

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