RHD Simulations Releases New B767 for MSFS

RHD Simulations have released their rendition of the Boeing 767-300ER for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The rendition is their first-ever aircraft add-on release for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

RHD Simulations previously only released add-ons for X-Plane but have now entered the Microsoft Flight Simulator arena with their latest release. But new does not always mean the best. The aircraft disappointingly is essentially a Boeing 747 skin with default Asobo systems and a Boeing 767 exterior model. This means the aircraft will not simulate a real-life Boeing 767’s systems, avionics and flight dynamics.

Although the virtual cockpit has been recreated to some degree of a realistic Boeing 767 cockpit, the systems and avionics are based on the default Boeing 747 rendition. According to the developer though, the exterior model is of high quality with 4K/8K textures with PBR and is accurate to the real aircraft. The aircraft also features true-to-life animations, animated wing flex, dynamic cockpit lighting and custom sounds.

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RHD Simulations does disclose that it is a “largely customized” version of the default 747 systems and is not meant to be a true-to-life replica of the 767. RHD Simulations also added that with so many add-ons on the market, not all functions of the real aircraft are included in their rendition.

The Boeing 767 is a wide-body, medium-long haul aircraft developed and manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It was developed to complement the larger Boeing 747, has a seven-abreast seating configuration, and accommodates smaller LD2 ULD cargo containers. It was Boeing’s first wide-body, two-crew glass cockpit airliner. It is powered by General Electric CF6, Rolls Royce RB-211 or Pratt & Whitney JT9D turbofans. It had a capacity of around 240 passengers and had a range of 7,000-10,000 kilometres. It was then succeeded by the Boeing 787 which first flew in 2011.

RHD Simulations’ rendition will cost €25 and can be bought here, on SimMarket’s website. Do read our latest coverage on the CaptainSim Boeing 767-300ER or our first look at the Antonov An-225 Mriya by iniBuilds.

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Key features of the aircraft include:

  • 767-300ER equipped with General Electric CF6 engines
  • Options for both winglets and original wingtips
  • Accurate modeling of exterior, flight deck and cabin with attention to every detail
  • True to life animations of flight surfaces, landing gear components and doors
  • Wingflex animations with smooth and dynamic bending
  • Custom animations of various cockpit elements like side windows, seats and armrests
  • Authentic flight model
  • Customized sounds for both engines, cockpit room tone, and for custom animations
  • Modified cockpit screens, to replicate the real aircraft
  • Simple IRS system and heater functions included
  • Realistic fuel system, with custom fuel indicator screens
  • Custom dynamic cockpit lighting
  • Engine and wing effects, like contrails, engine heat, and vortices
  • Full support for MSFS ground equipment
  • Support for the native startup checklist
  • 13 included liveries from all continents

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