7.2.2020 – 15:18z

RuSky updates Yak-52 to v1.20

RuSky, a developer behind Yak-52 aircraft addon for X-Plane 11, has today released a new update for the aircraft. The new updated version features, for example, added sound of wind reaction to control surfaces, chassis, and flaps, added logic of fuel system on inverted flights; changed all manuals and fixed some issues, for example. As usual, the complete changelog can be seen below.

YAKOVLEV 52 or YAK-52 is massed produced Soviet era primary aerobatic trainer aircraft, which first flew in 1979. Originally It was used as basic trainer military pilots for Soviet air force. Today, YAK-52 is a popular choice to train civilian and sport pilots in post-Soviet states. YAK-52 equipped with 400 hp M-14 engine.

The aircraft can be purchased for €41 (incl. 21% VAT) via the FSNews Store.

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  • Added a new mode “Cold start without Walk mode”. The classic cold mode when you appear in the cockpit and do airplane maintenance by changing the X-Plane camera;
  • Added Russian and English voice acting for some incorrect actions;
  • Added GMK matching logic
  • The logic of the fuel system on inverted flights is added. In an inverted flight, you can fly only 3 minutes,
    a repeated first-tailed flight can be resumed only after a minute of a normal flight. Otherwise, the engine will stall.
  • Added sound of wind reaction to control surfaces, chassis, flaps
  • Added voice overs for the transfer of aircraft control to the instructor.


  • The choice of Metric or US devices is made in the start menu and now does not depend on the selected language;
  • Changed the coefficient of adhesion of the chassis on the grass and gravel
  • The logic of the Ready to Start command has been changed. Now, if you forgot to say it before the launch, you can say after that the pads would be removed.
  • Change all manuals. Read first in “manual” folder!


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  • Fixed a major error when starting the engine in a very cold time, when the X-Plane stopped the warm engine;
  • Fixed a small error in the logic of the brake handle;
  • Fixed indications of the horizon, showed the opposite.
  • Fixed all moved manipulators
  • Fixed errors in walk mode

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