SimCoders Releases REP for the Just Flight Turbo Arrow (XP11)

If you are not familiar with them, SimCoders is a development team whose goal is to bring to the highest standard already existing addons.

Reality Expansion Pack Update Released for X-Plane 11

Yesterday, SimCoders updated REP to version 4.5.2. The update is compatible with all aircraft that worked with the previous version.

SimCoders Releases Reality Expansion Pack for JustFlight Piper Arrow III (XP11)

SimCoders has today released a new product in its Reality Expansion Pack product range for X-Plane 11.

SimCoders update REP for X-Plane Thumbnail

SimCoders update REP for X-Plane

Reality Expansion Pack, a popular addon that increases realism and immersion for X-Plane, got an update. REP v4.4.

SimCoders updated REP to v4.4.5 (XP11)

SimCoders, a developer behind a well-known HeadShake utility for X-Plane 11, has today released a new update for their Reality Expansion Pack.

SimCoders updated REP for XP11 to 4.4.4

SimCoders have today released an update, to version 4.4.4, for their Reality Expansion pack for X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 10.

SimCoders updates Kodiak and C172 REP

A recently released Reality Expansion Pack (REP) by for Thranda Quest Kodiak has today been updated together with a default Cessna 172 REP.

SimCoders released Reality Expansion Pack for Thranda Quest Kodiak

SimCoders, developers mainly known for HeadShake utility, today released a new Reality Expansion Pack, this time for Thranda Quest Kodiak for X-Plane 11.

Review: SimCoders REP for default Cessna 172

SimCoders, a development group standing behind well-known add-ons like HeadShake or Reality Expansion Pack, provided us with their Reality Expansion Pack, also known as REP,[..]

SimCoders released REP 4.3.4 Thumbnail

SimCoders released REP 4.3.4

SimCoders, a developer behind a well-know free utility HeadShake, but also behind a Reality Expansion Pack series for numerous aircraft, has today updated their REP[..]