22.5.2020 – 09:23z

SimCoders update REP for X-Plane

Reality Expansion Pack, a popular addon that increases realism and immersion for X-Plane, got an update. REP v4.4.6 fixes big bugs with pitch stability, fuel pressure and some problems with the Quest Kodiak. A few smaller bugs were fixed too, the changelog can be found below.

Because the SimCoders.com team used a different joystick than most users do, they estimated the joystick range wrongly. A few lines of code fixed the problem. All systems should experience better pitch stability.

The SF.260 has two engine variants with different fuel pressures, but the program used the same data for both. With the update, both engines are simulated correctly.

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The Kodiak Quest in X-Plane has issues too when people use the Experimental Flight Model. The prop wash the tail receives was too high, even when the engine is idling. This made the airplane veer off to the left on the flair. That problem has been fixed too.

Source: Simcoders.com

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