6.12.2023 – 17:31z

SimWorks Studios Releases PC-12 Legacy for MSFS

SimWorks Studios adds the Pilatus PC-12 Legacy for MSFS to their growing list of flight-simmer favorite general aviation add-ons.

Developer of the much loved Kodiak 100 Series II and III, SimWorks Studios is well known for its attention to detail and meticulously accurate simulation. The Pilatus PC-12 Legacy for MSFS is the seventh entry in their series of aviation add-ons, following the recently released – in partnership with PILOT’S – De Havilland Canada Dash 7.

SimWorks Studios is bringing the first high-fidelity rendition of the Pilatus PC-12 for MSFS and touts it to be their highest-fidelity add-on to date. As such, SimWorks Studios designed fully custom systems for the EFIS50, yaw damper, stick shaker/pusher, and circuit breaker. They have also included compatibility with PMS50GTN and TDS GTNXi. SimWorks Studios packaged the PC-12 with 13 default liveries, each customized with appropriate cabins and propellor configurations.

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Notably, SimWorks Studios partnered with Fly7 Training Center to gain access to the official Pilatus PC-12 training simulator. As such, the team spent a week training to ensure that their version of the PC-12 Legacy for MSFS was as close as possible to the aircraft dynamics and handling in the official Pilatus simulator. This included adjustments to flap deployment timings and crosswind limitations, custom nose wheel steering with the option to free-caster and use differential braking, engine response to throttle input, and much more.

The Pilatus PC-12 Legacy is the legacy version of the immensely popular Pilatus PC-12. The aircraft received type certification in this configuration in 1994. However, the avionics systems onboard were rapidly outdated, and in 2006, Pilatus updated the PC-12 lineup to the more popular and still in-production Pilatus PC-12 NG.

The Pilatus PC-12 Legacy is powered by a single-engine turboprop, producing 1200hp, optimized for STOL operations in and out of short, rough, and unprepared landing strips. Designed for versatile operations, the PC-12 is used for many multimission operations, including government, civil, commuter, and cargo.

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The SimWorks Studios Pilatus PC-12 Legacy for MSFS is available from their website at €24.99. This add-on proceeds the complete Daher TBM series with SimWorks Studios exclusive deal as announced in July of 2023.

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