SkyMaxx Pro v4.8 Released for X-Plane

Developer X-Aviation has released a new update of their SkyMaxx add-on for X-Plane. In this version there are many new features like improved accuracy of cloud altitudes or new user interface for choosing cloud textures which is pretty cool

v4.8 New Features

  • New choices for cirrus, overcast, and cumulus cloud textures
  • New user interface for choosing cloud textures
  • Suppress towering storm clouds above 40 degrees latitude
  • Fix cloud and terrain blending when using Real Weather Connector while only ground fog is present
  • Fix fog/in-cloud effects in X-Plane 10
  • Improve accuracy of cloud altitudes
  • and more

You can buy SkyMaxx v4.8 for $39.95 from the official X-Aviation website.