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Skyward Simulations Releases Diamond DA-50 RG for MSFS

Newcomer developer Skyward Simulations has released its first aircraft, the Diamond DA-50RG for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The DA-50RG is the latest aircraft from Austrian manufacturer Diamond Aircraft, beginning production in 2020. It’s a high-performance piston single that features retractable gear, a sleek design, a carbon composite air frame, and an impressive 300hp Continental CD-300 Turbo Diesel V6 engine with FADEC controls that automatically change the prop pitch and mixture settings throughout the flight. All of these characteristics allow the DA-50RG to cruise at up to 20000ft and 180kts.

The Skyward Simulations DA-50RG

Skyward Simulations has paid lots of attention to detail throughout, as the DA-50RG features excellent modeling and high-quality textures for both the interior and exterior of the aircraft, a custom sound set by Boris Audio Works, custom-coded systems for the engine ECU/FADEC and TKS anti-icing system, Working Title G1000 integration, simulated ground idle function, an accurate flight model, and more.

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Full feature list:

  • Accurate 3D model
  • High quality textures
  • Custom-coded systems, including engine ECU system and airframe TKS anti-icing system
  • Ground idle function simulated
  • Accurate flight model
  • Working Title Garmin G1000NXi integration
  • High-quality handpainted liveries
  • Custom sound set by Boris Audio Works

You can get the Diamond DA-50RG from Skyward Simulation’s website here for just €15,00 EUR or from the ORBX store for about the same price.

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