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Davor Puljevic Releases Dubrovnik Airport for MSFS

Davor Puljevic is back with his renditions of Croatian airports. Back in the Prepar3D days, he has released a famous Split scenery, featuring sloped runways. After he moved his development to Microsoft Flight Simulator, he released only Split airport, but he is back with another major airport in the heart of the Balkan Sea, Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik Airport Čilipi is a major hub in southern Croatia, used as a gateway to many tourists from Central Europe. It is the third busiest airport in Croatia, coming right after Zagreb and Split.

The airport is equipped with the country’s longest runway, which is capable of accommodating even long-haul aircraft. Dubrovnik even has a straight connection to New York with United Airlines.

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The airport is especially known for its beautiful location and approach. It is located in the middle of a forest, with a large hill to the north. Its modern terminal has three concourses, with Terminal C being used for departures, Terminal B for arrivals and Terminal A as a sole baggage handling centre.

About Davor Puljevic’s Dubrovnik

Davor Puljevic has created a detailed scenery of this airport, including the terminal exterior and interior with custom objects that are covered in clear textures based on high-resolution photos.

The scenery is also equipped with default ground services, with airport-specific textures. The surrounding airport and the airport itself have correct mesh and realistic approach lightpoles.

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For those who use the World Update 14 that covers croatia, the scenery is well compatible with the Dubrovnik city included in this update according to the developer.

If you would like to get this scenery, you can purchase it via the SimMarket web store for € 19.80.

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