17.5.2024 – 16:46z

PMDG Teases The 777 on Facebook

The PMDG team continues with teasing the flight simulator community with more images of the majestic Boeing 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This time, two new images were shared via the PMDG’s Facebook page, when they changed their title image twice in the recent days.

In the first image, we can see the cockpit details during the night, showing the centre pedestal. This image shows the night lighting and background lights of different switches, knobs, and how the displays light up during the night.

The second image, shared just today shows the PMDG’s 777-300ER in either a take-off or a landing phase. However, based on the flaps’ position, this is most likely a take-off.

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We can see various details here as well. This includes the sun reflection off the PBR fuselage with different materials on the landing gear, wings and windows.

With Saturday just around the corner, the PMDG team might be preparing for something big this weekend, as PMDG’s higher activity on Facebook usually resembles that “things are hot”, as Robert said in one of the previous development updates. This is just a hypothesis, though, and we shall see at the end of this weekend what is going to happen.

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