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smartCARS 3 By TFDi Design Released

TFDi Design has released its third iteration of smartCARS. smartCARS is a flight tracking system for all the major flight simulators; built for booking and tracking flights for all your virtual airline needs.

What Is smartCARS?

smartCARS is a tool, built by TFDi Design, that is utilized by virtual flying communities for pilots to plan, track, and report flights. Pilots and managers can view current and review their past PIREPs. During the flight, simmers can communicate with their company in chat and even message a whole community of pilots with their global feature. While flying, be sure to try out their radio in-app. In conjunction with Jetstream Radio, pilots can listen to live music and entertainment. smartCARS 3 comes with Simbrief integration, which means no need to leave the application.

Benefits for the Community

Virtual airlines can tailor flight tracking to their specific needs. Companies can expect amazing, experienced customer service along with web customization for the entire community. Messages and news can be sent through the application to all your pilots. For developers, the sky is the limit for customization of their plugins.

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Built for Pilots

TFDi Design has built a modern, easy-to-use interface for pilots. Pilots can search for and book flights in-app, or their company website. Users can book scheduled flights, or in addition, can book charter operations. If the simulator crashes or disconnects, the app will pick up where it left off for seamless tracking of the flight. smartCARS 3 comes with an integrated map with the community of flight simmers, in addition, to overlays of Vatsim and IVAO air traffic controllers.

smartCARS Pro

The Pro version of smartCARS is a substitution for pilots looking for a flight tracking system without the hassle of joining a community. It brings a host of enhanced features to make your flight simulation come alive. No need to worry about losing your PIREP after a flight. The app backs up all PIREPs that pilots file. In the unlikely event that your simulator gets disconnected or your sim crashes the tool will reconnect and continue tracking your flight.

Once a pilot has filed their PIREP they will be able to see an astonishing level of detail with their flight. Users will be able to see a live, moving PFD and map while seeing things such as altitude, speed, bank, pitch, and even location. Pilots will be able to view how much fuel they burned and a vertical profile of their flight. During any point of your flight, the app detects something irregular it will pause your simulator. Things such as off-schedule descent, unexpected engine shutdown, unexpected holds, and excessive pitch or bank events can cause your simulator to pause.

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Sunset Plan

With the release of smartCARS 3, TFDi Design has laid out its plan for the decommissioning of smartCARS 2. The first phase was in the middle of September which included the release of the third iteration. For phase two, 30 days after the release of the third iteration, license holders of 2 will be unable to update the application but website URLs, logos, colors, and other settings will still be available. Phase three will be 90 days after the release and will see the disabling of chat in smartCARS 2. Phase four will be nine months after and Premium will only be available for the third iteration. Lastly, during phase five, smartCARS 2 will see its last moments and will be taken down from the servers and not able to be used.

smartCARS 3 can be purchased on TFDi Design’s marketplace for $6.99 a month for managers of virtual airlines. The add-on is free of charge for pilots. smartCARS Pro can be purchased for $3.99. TFDi Design has built many projects for flight simulators with their biggest news being their MD-11 which will hit the simulator in no time. In the meantime, check out our preview of the MD-11 coming to MSFS.

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