Stairport Sceneries & MisterX Introduce Their Ground Service Plugin for XP

After years of very limited availability of ground service plugins for X-Plane 11, the community will soon be able to choose between two products. The currently available Ground Handling Deluxe from JarDesign, and the upcoming “GroundService” plugin from Stairport Sceneries and MisterX.

While Stairport Sceneries are taking care of the plugin core, MisterX is working on implementing a bigger variety of regional vehicle sets and configuring them for a variety of aircraft addons.

There is no official feature list yet. However, the developers have teased some of the features in the announcement post. The plugin will offer custom animated ground service vehicles and will be compatible with SAM-driven jetways. The features are not going to be limited to certain airports.

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The custom vehicles will have extended driving logic implemented to avoid any collisions with each other and the aircraft. Further, the vehicles will control aircraft doors during various stages of the simulator session.

The developers have worked on implementing advanced loading and unloading processes. The duration of it will be controlled based on the number of passengers and cargo on board.

The release date and price are yet to be announced. Compatibility with X-Plane 12 was not confirmed.

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