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Thrustmaster’s 1:1 Scale Viper TQS Available for Pre-Order Following Timely Announcement

Recently announced via Facebook, Thrustmaster’s highly-anticipated Viper Throttle Quadrant is officially available for pre-order. The opening of pre-orders falls exactly as expected from the development timeline released with the surprise product announcement at FSExpo 2023.

About The Product

The Viper TQS is Thrustmaster’s new throttle quadrant based on the real F-16 Viper aircraft. Military simulation pilots will be able to enjoy the product’s key features, including realistic controls, kinematics and sensations experienced by real F-16 Viper pilots. The developer promises a product of outstanding quality, assembling the quadrant out of high-quality metal. For those looking to see the product in action, the official trailer is located below.

The Thrustmaster Viper TQS has been designed as a 1:1 scale replica of the real aircraft and is officially licenced by the US Air Force. Not only is the throttle itself a selling point of the Viper TQS, but buyers also have the option to purchase the Viper Panel. The panel features replica controls of the real aircraft, including gear controls and the unique CHAFF/FLARE switch. The panel can be purchased with the throttle system or can be purchased separately should users wish to try the throttle before committing to purchasing the panel.

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Initially announced at FSExpo 23, the Viper TQS appears to be the next step into the future of Thrustmaster’s military products, following the success of the T.Flight Hotas products in the past decade. Along with the product announcement, Thrustmaster shared the planned release timeline of the product, which appears to be moving as scheduled. The opening of pre-orders has come right on schedule and assuming no further delays occur, prospective users can expect an official release date of October 11th. More information on pricing and packages is available below.

Key Features

  • 1:1 Scale Replica of the legendary F-16 Viper
  • Officially Licenced Product by the US Air Force
  • Realistic Controls, including the unique CHAFF/FLARE slap switch
  • Firm and Linear Travel with No Dead Zones
  • 64 Action Buttons and 6 Axes
  • Adjustable Friction
  • Adjustable Backlit Panel
  • Ergonomic Flight Controls

Release, Pricing and Availability

As mentioned above, Thrustmaster announced the release timeline at FSExpo 2023. Following the official timeline, the development and planned release of the product appears to remain as scheduled. Assuming no further delays in development, users can expect the product to be available on October 11th.

The Viper TQS is now available for pre-order via the official Thrustmaster website. Alternatively, for orders outside Europe and with extended shipping options, Thrustmaster has also released the product on Amazon for customers to decide their preferred purchase option.

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The product is available for purchase together with the panel or as a standalone product:

  • Viper TQS Mission Package (Throttle and Switch Panel) – €499.99
  • Viper TQS Only (No Switch Panel) – €329.99
  • Viper Panel Only (No Throttle) – €229.99

About Thrustmaster

Since 1990, Thrustmaster has been a go-to company for providing high-quality simulation hardware, most commonly through detailed models of controllers, yokes and throttle quadrants. In recent years, the flight simulation community has been treated to many products from Thrustmaster, whether it be military, commercial or universal aircraft add-ons.

Thrustmaster develops products for flight simulation, racing and other platforms. In the flight simulation area, the types of products available include switch panels, throttles, rudder pedals, yokes and joysticks. These products are available across multiple platforms and are targeted at both military and commercial aircraft pilots. A full list of flight simulation products is available here.

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Thrustmaster has developed a number of products in their years of operation, gaining rapid momentum with the T.Flight joystick projects. The T.Flight products became some of the most common joysticks used in home flight simulation. Since then, the iconic developer has released more than 30 pieces of hardware for flight simulators, including the popular TCA flight controllers for both Boeing and Airbus pilots.

FSNews will keep you updated on further Thrustmaster developments, so be sure to check back for updates on this product and many more.

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