6.12.2019 – 14:44z

ToLiSS announce Airbus A321 is in beta

In a shock announcement on their FaceBook page ToLiSS have taken the X-Plane community by surprise by unveiling that their next release will be the Airbus A321 and that it is currently in the early beta phase.

The ToLiSS A319 is already a huge success with X-Plane users since hitting the XPlane.Org store back in early 2018. With study level systems and good performance even on medium range machines their A319 has won over many virtual pilots.

ToLiSS stated that the A321 has “just entered its pre-release beta phase” and that it is “Coming in early 2020!!!”.

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The first flight of the A321 was in 1993 and was introduced by Lufthansa the following year. The largest user of the A321 is American Airlines so we should expect that as one of the default liveries on launch day.

The A321 had many variants and it’s not clear at this point which one ToLiSS has been modelling, although the community is speculating from the single screen shot released that it could be the A321neo.

ToLiSS have not divulged any information of the price of the new release at this stage.

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