16.11.2022 – 21:38z

ToLiss Previews EFB and CPDLC For Their Fleet

After lacking an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) since the initial release of their first addon for X-Plane back in 2018, the whole ToLiss fleet is now getting a brand new EFB and CPDLC soon, starting off with the A340. ToLiss made the announcement through their social networks.

The EFB will feature a vast array of features every pilot needs in their typical day. The primary point of the EFB is to allow the user to control the aircraft without having to visit the ISCS panel through the toolbar every time they want to change something.

That includes interactive checklists, performance and weight & balance calculators, or the aircraft’s load management. ToLiss is pretty much featuring everything from their ISCS to the EFB, with exception of some simulation-specific functions that don’t exist in the real aircraft.

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On a different note, the CPDLC will be based on the Hoppie network, the same network other popular addons in the industry use. You will be able to request clearances through the CPDLC, just as in real life. CPDLC is, in other words, a unit allowing pilots to communicate via text with the ATC.

The EFB and CPDLC will first come to the ToLiss’ Airbus A340, followed by their other addons. ToLiss did not yet confirm whether the A321 or A319 will follow A340’s release.

The new features will also come to X-Plane 11 variants of the A319 and A321, however, you will have to have the XP11/12 upgrade package, selling for $10.99.

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ToLiss have a few months ago left the iniBuilds’ store, if you want to learn more about that, you can read one of our other articles covering that topic from both sides.

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