15.12.2020 – 20:00z

ToLiss Releases A321 NEO Expansion for X-Plane 11

ToLiss has today, as promised earlier this month through their social network profiles, released the highly anticipated A321 NEO expansion for the already existing Airbus A321 rendition for X-Plane 11.

The expansion does not only feature two additional engine types (CFM Leap-1A33 & PW1130G-JM), but three subvariants of the A321 NEO family (NEO & LR & XLR) and three new exit configurations as well.

The expansion pack is not only enhancing the visuals, but as well accurately simulates the aircraft climb performance, fuel burn, and adapts the aircraft systems to the new engine functionalities. Not to forget, each engine type has its custom sound set.

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The expansion can be purchased through the X-Plane.org Store for a modest price of approximately €24.70 ($29.99). Keep in mind, that the expansion requires the ToLiss A321 to be installed on the system in order to work. That can be purchased through the X-Plane.org Store for approximately €65 ($79).

The installation of the expansion is very straightforward as you only need to replace the aircraft files with the new ones and activate the expansion through the ISCC window. No aircraft reload is required.

Feature list


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  • 2 additional engine types for the ToLiss A321
  • The 3 subvariants of the A321 NEO family: the NEO, the LR and the XLR
  • 3 new exit configurations aligned with the Airbus Cabin Flex concept for the A321 family.

New engine types

  • CFM LEAP-1A33 and PW1130G-JM
  • Accurate aircraft climb performance as function of engine selection
  • Appropriate fuel burn as function of engine selection
  • System adaptation to reflect new engine functionalities, such as PW engine cooling cycles
  • Detailled 3d model for each engine model
  • Specific TSS sound sets for each engine type

A321 NEO subvariants

  • Configurable to A321 NEO, LR and XLR
  • Fuel system adapted to the individual configurations
  • Specific weight envelopes for each subvariant
  • System specific changes per subvariant, e.g. single slotted flaps for the A321 XLR with improved aircraft drag

Airbus Cabin Flex exit configurations

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  • Choice of three additional exit configurations 
  • Maximum number of passengers changes in accordance with the selected exit configurations
  • Doors system and DOOR page indications adapt to exit configuration
  • Separate 3d models for each exit configuration

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