VATSIM “P0” Pilot Rating System

VATSIM has yesterday released a post via their website about restructuring the Pilot Ranking System. As of today, if you want to join VATSIM, you can simply create an account and fly, and that is what will change from June 1st.

Basically, each new VATSIM member will need to go through this process before being able to sign in to the network. VATSIM has made this decision to ensure the members understand the very basics of how the network works.

VATSIM "P0" Pilot Rating System - Prepar3D, VATSIM, X-Plane

This new system is designed to match its real-life counterpart and follows a realistic progression in a pilot’s evolution of training, but also a clear-cut set of standards that must be completely met to proficiency in order to earn these new pilot ratings.

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The upcoming part of the article is copied from the original post.

New VATSIM ratings:

  • P0: Basic VATSIM Member
  • P1: Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
  • P2: Instrument Rating (IR)
  • P3: Commercial Multi-Engine Licence (CMEL)
  • P4: Airline Transport Licence (ATPL)

Existing P1 pilot ratings:

  • Will be granted a P0 under the new system given the consensus no real flying skills were tested in this process as it was a theory only examination.

Existing P2-P3 pilot ratings:

  • Will be granted a P1 (PPL) in the new system under the consensus only basic VFR flight skills and knowledge was examined in these ratings.

Existing P4-P5 pilot ratings:

  • Will be granted a P2 (IR) in the new system under the consensus only basic IFR skills and knowledge was examined in these ratings.
  • Additionally, current P5’s that utilized a multi engine aircraft should check with their ATO about be awarded a P3 under the new system, as only certain ATO’s will be able to offer this.

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