VFRDesigns Development Update March

VFRDesigns has today posted via their website a development update for the month of March. This time, the developer mentioned the development of the Bellingham Airport and Scottsdale Airport sceneries for X-Plane 11.

It has been a while since we’ve covered Bellingham, almost half a year at this point.

VFRDesigns has shared some previews of the progress in developing Bellingham Airport which has been kind of forgotten for a while. It has been said that they’ll make some changes to the scenery later on and that they will be looking for beta testers soon. Also, there are many things to be revisited on this scenery.

The next part of the development update is about their currently developed Scottsdale Airport scenery. In the post, they describe that they are finishing the ground textures and they are still not finished with everything. Despite that, there are some previews of this scenery to show as well.