Virtual Pilot Life – VPL

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Virtual Pilot Life or VPL is a new entry into the flight simulation community that makes promises to instill the fun and purpose into a long term simmer, whilst giving newcomers all the collected knowledge from the past 15+ years of flight simulation, to help them with their immersion into their new hobby.

If I should describe it in one sentence, it is basically a system which is simulating a career of a pilot, alongside any simulator.

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It has support from all simulators including the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

There are three aspects within the Virtual Pilot Life program, as discussed below:

Ground School

Interested in becoming a Captain with an airline flying high jets across the globe? Your career starts here with ground school. Before going to a plane, you will need to learn the basics of flight simulation, as in real life. Learn how to properly set up your computer and find the best resources used in the Career Mode. You will be provided with important materials from which you can study. Even though there will be no exams, it all depends on you if you want to enjoy the experience or ruin it for yourself by cheating. Ground School signing can take place at any time although Flight School signing will only happen once a month. So get in there from day one!

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Flight School

After completing Ground School you will graduate to a Cadet in Flight School. There will be around seven licenses you can obtain and for each license, there are roughly ten lessons. Move at your own pace and evaluate your efforts using the new teaching system developed specifically for this program. You will need to have some licenses to fly certain planes before getting others, like in real life. It will be up to you which ones you go for, that will lead you into your selected Career.  You can go for any exam as many times as needed in order for you to collect your certificate. After you pass all examinations, then you graduate from Flight School, from Flight School you will enter your favourite airline as a Trainee First Officer.

Career Mode

After completing Flight School you will gain access to Career Mode. This is where the fun really starts as you begin ranking up to Senior Captain over a lifetime of flying. You can earn rewards, badges and ribbons as you are given access to thousands of recommended flights from the history of aviation and begin your journey in discovering the world of Flight Simulation.

The best thing about VPL is that it is 100% free.

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For more informations you can visit VPL Facebook page.

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