24.11.2019 – 08:02z

VSKYLABS B-8M Gyrocopter Project updated to v5.2

The VSKYLABS Aerospace Simulations, also known as VSKYLABS, today updated their B-8M Gyrocopter Project to v5.2. Although this update has only two things in the changelog, it’s quite important. The update features compatibility with the new X-Plane 11 v11.40 and its new flight model, and a STMA Autoupdater plugin being included.

If you want to purchase B-8M you can do so via the VSKYLABS Store for $19.

What is a Gyroplane?

source: vskylabs.com

It is a flying machine which is using a rotary wing (main rotor) to provide lift. However, and unlike a conventional helicopter, the rotor is fixed with a free-spinning mechanism and it is not powered by the engine.

What makes the rotor spin in an Autogyro is the aerodynamic forces of the airflow which is moving through the rotor disc, in a phenomenon called ‘Auto-rotation’. A separate propulsion source is required for forward flight.

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  • Flight Dynamics Model :
    • Compatibility update for X-Plane 11.40 (Experimental flight model environment).
  • STMA Autoupdater plugin is now included!

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