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X-Crafts Celebrate Its 10th Anniversary With a Giveaway and Much More

X-Crafts is an established developer specializing in creating add-on aircraft for X-Plane from the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer. This year marks the 10th anniversary of their first add-on release for X-Plane. To celebrate this milestone, they are hosting a giveaway with multiple prizes. They have also announced their next big release. Free E-Jets for X-Plane 12: 10 Year Anniversary Edition will include their older freeware E195 and E175 enhanced for X-Plane 12.

X-Crafts and Their Journey

X-Crafts developed their first-ever aircraft for X-Plane back in 2014. The Embraer E195 was the beginning of this developer in the world of X-Plane. During the next few years, they continued updating the E195. Growing the development team and creating their second aircraft the E175. During the following years, the ERJ Family with 5 aircraft variants and their E-Jets Family with enhanced versions of the E190 and E175 were also released.

X-Crafts is still committed to bringing new add-ons to the market, as indicated by their development timeline. Their future releases include the Lineage 1000 and the E-Jets E2 aircraft. For more information on their past and upcoming add-ons, you can refer to X-Craft’s development timeline here.

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10-Year Giveaway

X-Craft this April will be hosting a big giveaway with multiple prizes for the flight simulation community. For this giveaway, X-Crafts is giving away a full collection of all their aircraft developed for X-Plane called “Embraer Fleet by X-Crafts”. You can also win add-ons like the E-Jets Familly or the E175. The biggest prize of the whole giveaway is two tickets for FSExpo 2024 in Las Vegas.

To enter this giveaway, you can head to the giveaway’s website. You will be asked to fill in the information required to subscribe to the Not-A-Newsletter from X-Crafts to enter the giveaway. By subscribing you also get benefits like the Free E-Jets add-on download link or access to X-Crafts’s e-book.

Free E-Jets for X-Plane 12: 10 Year Anniversary Edition Revealed

X-Craft teased the arrival of a new add-on for X-Plane 12 a few weeks ago. They finally revealed their next add-on: The Free E-Jets for X-Plane 12 in a special 10 Year Anniversary Edition. This new collection includes their well-known E175 and E195 and brings them to X-Plane 12. Fully optimized and enhanced with multiple improvements done to both aircraft.

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You can find a brand-new map with a higher resolution and a Top Of Descent indication among the new improvements. The Autopilot includes a new FPA mode for an easier descent phase and visualizes vertical path deviations on the PFD. The V/L button and FMS are now fully implemented. Overall over 100 changes are coming with this new add-on that are going to be available to read on the X-Crafts’s website in the future. Although not as detailed compared to the payware E-Jets, X-Crafts has stated that “This 10-Year Anniversary Edition will make the free E-Jets much more enjoyable”. The Free E-Jets for X-Plane 12 has a scheduled release date of the end of April 2024.

Congratulations X-Crafts!

X-Crafts is having a big celebration this month for their milestone. But further events are coming this year to celebrate their 10th Anniversary. You can also check out our previous X-Crafts article about their progress on the Lineage 1000 here.

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