21.6.2020 – 13:45z

XPRealistic v2 Updated to v2.1.0

The developers of XPRealistic v2, a known X-Plane 11 add-on which adds more visual effects like turbulence, speed brakes vibrations or natural movement to cockpit camera, has updated this utility to version 2.1.0.

This update is rather fixing, however, it also improves some things like the surface turbulence, blade slapping effect and the engine vibration while stable RPM. The fixes in this update are for example crash of simulator on exit when using XPRealistic, crashes when using some JarDesign aircraft, compatibility issues with X-Plane’s native trackIR support, plugin menu entry name changed from enabled/disabled to enable/disable, and the developer also fixed the issues with SmartCopilot. The full list of changes is listed below.


  • Improved surface turbulence effect
  • Improved blade slapping effect
  • Improved engine vibration stable RPM while on idle
  • Some users can’t activate getting invalid key error
  • X-Plane crashes when using some of JAR aircraft
  • X-Plane crash on exit
  • Compatibility issues with X-Plane’s native TrackIR support
  • Compatibility issues with xPilot
  • Plugin menu entry name changed from enabled/disabled to enable/disable
  • Plugin menu entry “enabled/disabled” is inconsistent
  • Compatibility issues with SmartCopilot
  • Violent shaking from engine stable RPM effect for many aircraft addons
  • Compatibility issues with PilotEdge
  • Speed brake effect preview works while effect itself not on some aircraft addons
  • Ground effect runs on FF763 even when already on the ground
  • Compatibility issues with some of Just Flight aircraft
  • XPRealistic window not showing when using multi monitor setups
  • Font issue causing text to be not readable (not verified)

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