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Aerobask Previews Falcon 8X Systems for X-Plane

Aerobask released a video on their YouTube channel to preview the avionics of their highly awaited Falcon 8X rendition for X-Plane 12.

The four-minute video covers some features of the avionics implemented by Aerobask for the Falcon 8X. Please note that this overview covers a WIP (Work-in-Progress) addon and thus may not reflect the final product.

Aerobask is developing the aircraft in collaboration with Dassault Aviation. Subsequently, the developers opted to recreate the EASy III platform, the avionic system currently used on the Falcon 8X. The video mainly covers the D-ATIS, METAR and chart functionalities of the EASy III system.

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Exterior and Interior Snapshots

The video begins by briefly showcasing some cinematic views of the exterior and interior models of the Falcon 8X. This includes the flight deck, the cabin and the exterior of the aircraft.


Afterwards, the video shifted its focus to the EASy III system, specifically to the central MFD panel. A demonstration of the ATIS request function is carried out. After the ICAO code of the interested airport is entered, an ATIS report is subsequently received.

The video shows you can request METAR messages for up to four airports.

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Aerobask Previews Falcon 8X Systems for X-Plane - Aerobask, X-Plane


Additionally, the video demonstrates the chart function of the Falcon 8X. You can link your Navigraph Charts subscription with the aircraft, allowing you to access your charts straight from the MFD. To aid with navigation, an aircraft marker is included on the charts. This can be toggled off if wanted.

At the time of writing, the developer did not disclose any pricing or release date information for the Falcon 8X. If you want to learn more about Aerobask’s Falcon 8X, read Oliver’s article on the subject.

The Falcon 8X is an ultra-long-range business jet manufactured by Dassault Aviation, a French aerospace company. The Falcon 8X is derived from the older Falcon 7X, with the former having a longer fuselage and a more extensive 6,450 nautical mile range. The aircraft made its maiden flight in February 2015 and is currently the flagship aircraft of the Falcon series (with the Falcon 5X and 6X set to take the spot).

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