22.1.2021 – 04:09z

AUscene Releases Ayers Rock Airport for MSFS

Australian scenery developer AUscene has recently expanded their collection of Microsoft Flight Simulator sceneries with the release of Ayers Rock Airport (YAYE) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The airport features a completely hand crafted rendition of the small Ayers Rock airport, as well as PBR textures, interior modelling, animated flags and baggage belts, realistic aprons, and more.

The airport, which is currently on sale, can be purchased from the AUscene website for approximately €13.99 here.

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Ayers Rock Airport is located in the middle of Australia, near the town of Alice Springs. The airport is located close to Uluru, which is the largest rock in the world. The airport sees traffic from Australian airlines such as Qantas and Jetstar, which connects the regional airport to the less remote cities of Australia.


  • Hand Crafted Rendition of Ayers Rock Airport for MSFS
  • MSFS Native
  • High Resolution Baked PBR Textures
  • Interior Modelling (Hanger and Tower)
  • Animated flags and luggage belts
  • Realistic Aprons with Custom Materials
  • Dynamic Rain on the Control Tower Glass
  • Custom Vegetation Placement
  • Realistic Night Lighting
  • Detailed Static Aircraft and Ramp Objects
  • Detailed Static Helicopters
  • Custom Taxiway Decals

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