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Felis 747 Classic Released for X-Plane 11

After months of anticipation and over two years of development, Felis has today publicly released his rendition of the legendary Boeing 747 Classic (747-200) for X-Plane 11. Also referred to as “Queen of the Skies”, it is the first payware addon to be released by Felis since the release of his Tu-154 rendition back in 2017.

The aircraft development did not get much attention during the early development phase with only “a few” community members following Felis and his plans to bring a study-level Boeing 747-200 to the platform. However, once the aircraft entered closed beta, the hype around the aircraft release slowly appeared. We had a chance to be part of the closed beta and had a chance to share our impressions of the addon in one of our articles available here.

The addon has to offer a plethora of features, including accurate systems developed to high detail. Fully custom autopilot and autoland functions are present together with fire detection systems with actual pressure calculations and electric systems with all buses and current calculations. The developer even stated that every button, switch, and knob in the cockpit is functional.

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Further, there are PBR textures throughout the model with a bunch of accurate animations around the aircraft. Of course, as you would expect from a study-level aircraft, or any aircraft really, a 3D passenger cabin was recreated by Felis.

In addition to what was already mentioned, an EFB is present in the cockpit offering the user to manage load and fuel quantity on board, to operate ground services, or to use various calculators available through the interface.

For the future, Felis wants to implement a custom failure system to the aircraft together with VR support, further details and animations in the cabin, or LTN-92 navigation systems.

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The aircraft can be purchased through the X-Plane.org Store for $70 (approx. €59.50).

Feature list

Accurate systems:

  • electric system with all its buses and current calculations
  • fuel system, that requires proper fuel management
  • fire detection system with dual loop sensors
  • 4 channel system
  • pneumatic system with actual pressure calculations
  • custom pressurization and air-conditioning system
  • fully custom autopilot with autoland function
  • autothrottle system separate from the autopilot with EPR limiting system
  • radios are powered by Totoriko’s libradio and openWXR plugins, fully integrated into aircraft’s systems
  • FMOD sounds (engines sounds by TSS)
  • crew voices

Detailed modeling:

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  • fully modeled exterior with lots of accurate animations
  • passenger cabin
  • highly detailed cockpit with each button, switch and knob functional
  • historic liveries of the most known airlines, ever used 747-200
  • PBR textures

Electronic Flight Bag:

  • fuel and load calculators
  • refueling and load managers
  • ground service controls
  • INS helper to align and manage flightplans
  • performance calculator
  • automatic checklists

Fully custom Delco Carousel IV-A Inertial Navigation System (CIVA INS)

  • 3 CDU units works separately 
  • triple-mix mode
  • REMOTE function to populate waypoints and DME info
  • single and dual DME update function
  • fully integrated into aircraft system, no separate plugins required

Upcoming features:

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  • VR support
  • Shared Flight and SmartCopilot profiles
  • LTN-92 nav system
  • custom failures
  • more details and animations in cabin

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