FlightFactor Further Previews 777 v2 Model

FlightFactor has taken to their Twitter page to further preview the highly-anticipated Boeing 777 v2 addon for X-Plane 11. While the aircraft was first formally announced a few months ago, rumors of the aircraft being in the works were spreading throughout the community for over a year now.

In the most recent post, FlightFactor has previewed various hatches around the aircraft and the extensive detail the developers are working on bringing to the simulator. It is yet unknown whether the controls under the hatches will be interactive, or only visual.

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We expect the hatches to at least work together with the extensive failure system that has been previewed in the past. If you want to learn more about that topic, you can do so by reading our previous article from Liam.

While the main subject of the previews are hatches, we can also see that a lot of progress has been done on the overall exterior model of the aircraft as well as the extensive detail that was brought to the landing gear.

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If you want to learn more about the aircraft, you can read our previous article on the topic here.

No new information was disclosed on the topic of the expected release date or pricing model.

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