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Flyinside Announces Many New Helicopters Coming to MSFS

Flyinside has taken to the stage at FSExpo 2024 to announce many new products, some releasing tomorrow, that are coming to MSFS. There was also some exciting news about updates to the developer’s current helicopter lineup.

Updates to Bell 47 and Bell 206

Flyinside’s Bell 47 is receiving an update next week, and will be receiving an update later in the future to add the G3B variant of the Bell 47. The G3B variant features a turbocharged engine, and will therefore have a separate flight model for its performance. The model and textures of the helicopter will also receive an upgrade later in the year.

The Bell 206 is also receiving some attention, with an update that released earlier this week. The 206 will also receive an update in the future to add the original 206A model, as well as the military OH58 variant, which has a different engine to the civilian one. The new models will have all of the differences between them and the 206B modeled and simulated. These updates will come free to existing customers of Flyinside’s Bell 206B3.

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The developer also announced during the presentation that all of its helicopters would be receiving upgrades to add new failure modes, agricultural spraying, working guns for military helicopters, a new internal cockpit tablet, and an autopilot.

Flyinside’s New Releases: Rotorway, Mosquito, Enstrom, Gazelle

Flyinside has released two new helicopters this Saturday at FSExpo, the Rotorway Exec 162F and the Rotorway Jetexec. Chosen for their simplicity and attainability, the Rotorway Execs are a family of kit-built helicopters offered by Rotorway between 1994 and 2011. The Jetexec is a modified version of the Exec that gives it a 164hp turbine.

Flyinside Announces Many New Helicopters Coming to MSFS - Flyinside, FSExpo 2024, Microsoft Flight Simulator

These helicopters feature the same advanced level of flight dynamics present in the rest of the developer’s helicopters, with the developer even claiming that simmers flying the Rotorways in the sim could go out and fly them in real life with just the in-sim experience. They will each cost $34.95 USD.

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Next for Flyinside will be the Mosquito helicopters. Also chosen for their simplicity and their attainability, the Mosquito helicopters are sold as kits or ready-to-fly by the company Composite-FX. They come in many different piston and jet variants, all of which will be represented by Flyinside.

After the Mosquitos, Flyinside will move on to the Enstrom family of helicopters. Enstrom is an American helicopter company that has been in business since 1959. The developer will be making all of Enstrom’s helicopters, as well as their legacy variants.

After the Enstroms, Flyinside will develop the legendary Gazelle helicopter and all of its variants. The Gazelle was in production from 1967 to 1996, and is renown for its excellent performance. This helicopter also had some military variants, which the developer intends to make as well.

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The Gazelle is expected to release in 2025, and you can expect more pictures and information about it to start coming out in the future.

That is all for Flyinside’s FSExpo 2024 presentation. Check out the developer’s newest releases on its website here. Stay tuned to FSNews for all the latest information on FSExpo 2024!

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