14.7.2020 – 09:15z

FlyX Simulations Announce Fuerteventura for X-Plane

FlyX Simulations released a blog post announcing and previewing Fuerteventure (GCFV), a previously unannounced project of theirs. FlyX Simulations has previously made scenery for Lanzarote, Kittila, Rovaniemi and Doncaster. This latest project features one of the Canary Islands, known for its many, many leisure flights to destinations on the European continent and its islands.

The scenery is modelled to reflect the latest real life changes that have been made to the airport. The newly relayed taxiways are included. We can further expect up to date and highly accurate 3D models of the airport and the immediately surrounding area. PBR textures for the entire addon are there too. A full feature list can be found below. This scenery will be of a higher quality than the previous ones, thanks to new technology the team has adopted.

The scenery isn’t fully finished, but “nearing completion” and will be available on the X-Plane store for $19.99. Make sure you’re a part of our Discord server, we’ll notify you there when the scenery is out. The developer also wants to do a group flight after release, but no details about that have been announced yet.

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Feature List

  • Accurate, custom modelled buildings.
  • Accurate, custom ground textures.
  • An up to date apron and taxiway layout.
  • Orthophotos for the airport area
  • Custom buildings for some of the surrounding area
  • Custom modleled, textured, and animated auto gate Jetways.
  • PBR texturing throughout the entire scenery.
  • Custom 3D grass, bushes, and trees.

Source: FlyX Simulations blog

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