24.8.2023 – 14:07z

Emerald Scenery Design’s Forwood Farms Receives Exciting New Update

In a statement released by Emerald Scenery Design on the Flight Simulator forums, their rendition of Forwood Farms has received a massive new update for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The scenery got some much-needed terrain upgrades and massive performance optimization for the Xbox.

Forwood Farms for MSFS

Forwood Farms was created by Emerald Scenery Design in collaboration with Got Friends for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Emerald Scenery Design modeled astonishing detail with precise detail to buildings, vehicles, objects, and more. They went as far as creating rain puddles and even UK-native butterflies. Particular objects and animals can only be seen during warm temperatures and hide away when cold. Got Friends physically traveled to the airport in the UK and recorded sounds from G-BUNC, an aircraft based at the airport, to include in the scenery package.

Key Features for Forwood Farms

Emerald Scenery Design custom-built ground textures that are color-matched and corrected for the terrain around the area. They made a 1m/px hand-corrected Digital Elevation model. With the scenery comes almost 100 custom objects and buildings with some even having 4K resolution PBR textures. Along with buildings and objects, vegetation was also modeled and you can see 3D trees, garden shrubs, flowers, and more. For the hangars, Emerald Scenery Design produced operable hangar doors which can be used in multiplayer as well.

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About Forwood Farms

Forwood Farms is a farm airstrip in Retford which is in the middle of the United Kingdom. The airport (EGH2) is known for its Caravanner location and is used for banners towing and glider aircraft. Towplanes.uk is based out of the airport while running a glider business. The surrounding area is mostly farmlands and quiet countryside.

Update to Forwood Farms

Emerald Scenery Design has released an update for their rendition of Forwood Farms. The new version number is 1.2.0. This update mainly fixes performance issues on the Xbox version of the simulator. Emerald Scenery Design states that “Every model has been touched on once again to improve distance popping on Xbox.” With this update, they were able to cut down on texture memory for better optimization around the hangars and runway.

The rendition is perfect for pilots looking to fly general aviation while taking in some fantastic scenery. The scenery costs USD 9.99 and can be found on the Emerald Scenery Design website or Flightsim.to website. To stay up-to-date on all things Microsoft Flight Simulator, check out FSnews.eu.

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  • Corrected scale of Blue Bucket.
  • Fixed AO banding in Hangar.
  • Fixed backface highlighting on Butterflies.
  • Fixed an issue where the hangar door may be stuck in the ground or floating under certain conditions.
  • Fixed shading on LOD3 of the Potted Plant.
  • Fixed Z-sorting issue for Chimney Smoke VFX.
  • Improved all airport buildings: Reworked and added new LODs to reduce distance popping on Xbox and overall memory footprint.
  • Improved Brick Pile: Added additional LODs, fixed shading, and fixed missing vertex colors on the last LOD.
  • Improved Campers: Added additional LODs to reduce distance popping, reworked window glass, and emissive materials/textures.
  • Improved multiple clutter models: Added and improved some LODs, further memory optimization, fixed missing material for vertex colors, fixed some shading issues, and reduced distance popping on Xbox.
  • Improved Windsock: Added & optimized LODs.
  • Renamed models as some were being mistaken for Emerald Object Library versions.
  • WWISE audio now properly insulates when sitting in the cockpit.

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