FS2Crew FSLabs on short final

A little while ago the FS2Crew team announced they were working on an edition of their program for the FSLabs airbus’.

According to a post on their Facebook, this edition is on short final and they’re hoping a release within the next 4 days.

FS2Crew for the FSLabs will include button and voice control. Furthermore, it will simulate the airbus FCOM and FCTM as close to the letter as possible. At the release it will only include 1 SOP, but this will be updated on the go. So we can expect different SOPs* (Easyjet, British Airways and so on).

*A SOP is a document which contains the Standard Operation Procedures

Also some additions are, that with the FSLabs + FS2Crew you can fly as the PM (Pilot Monitoring). There is a limitation though, you can only be the PM from takeoff to rollout after landing. Another new function is that you can choose whether you fly from the left or the right seat, the simulation will account for that.

When there is more information available we will update you!