23.5.2020 – 09:19z

GloballArt Updates Vancouver for X-Plane 11

GloballArt has recently released their rendition of Vancouver International Airport (CYVR) for X-Plane 11. Today, the developer updated it to a version 1.1 which improves the performance and fixes some scenery issues.

As already mentioned, this update significantly changes the performance at the airport, you should gain much more FPS when you update the scenery. However, this is not the only thing changed in this update. There are many fixes in elevation data of the airport, there’s more accurate lighting, the excess trees has been removed together with excess grass, FedEx plate has been inserted in the Patio V building and there are corrected WT3 routes.


– Improved performance
– Significant gain in FPS
– Fixed elevation in the city of Vancouver
– Removed excess grass
– I remove excess trees
– More accurate lighting at the terminals
– Inserted animation for the solo service
– Fedex plate inserted in the patio V building
– Fixed height of trees
– Static Seaplane Inserted
– Corrected routes for WT3
– Corrected lighting on the posts
– Fixed night texture on terminal windows and hangars

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The source of this article can be found on the GloballArt Facebook.

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