Honeycomb Aeronautical Reveals New Products at FSExpo 2021

Honeycomb Aeronautical’s CEO and Founder, Nicki Repenning, has in a session dedicated to a topic how can a consumer flight simulator impact real aviation also revealed some information on new products that they have in their portfolio and will be available later on to order, and are of course present in the Honeycomb Aeronautical’s booth at the event in San Diego.

First, an updated version of Alpha Flight Controls, the XPC version, was revealed. Nicki detailed, that it will offer a new design of the base, over 400% more accurate sensors with HallEffect technology, and a spring-loaded starter switch, as there is in a real aircraft. The retail price will be $299 and as the version title may suggest, it will be compatible with PC, Xbox, and Mac.

Further, the Tango Foxtrot image was presented to the viewers with Nicki explaining that there is a lot it has to offer, but he will answer all questions in person in the Honeycomb Aeronautical booth at the event.

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For the Tango Foxtrot, Nicki has revealed a telescopic table mount that will allow the user to adjust the position of the Tango Foxtrot to their needs. No retail price was given for this product.

A flight chair is something that we have not seen in the past, but now it’s coming thanks to Honeycomb Aeronautical. Titled as “Lima Flight Chair”, it will offer integrated stick and throttle platforms that connect to the chair magnetically. The armrests are, of course, adjustable.

The highly-anticipated Charlie Rudder Pedals can’t be missing in the Honeycomb Aeronautical booth at FSExpo 2021. What can be seen on the image is the latest version of the peripheral which is expected to be shipping from early next year.

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The team is also finalizing their work on the Center Console for Bravo. Nicki explained that it was a challenge to come up with a solution that will not break easily and will work just as it should.

The GA Trim Wheel Cover is already shipping now. It is made of silicon rubber and offers a lot more friction adding this specific general aviation feel to the trim wheel.

Coming to an end, accessories for the Honeycomb Aeronautical products were revealed. From the left, the first accessory are the axel clamps that are already available offering the users to clamp their hardware to bigger table desks.

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On the very right side, we can see a dust cover for Alpha Flight Controls or Bravo Throttle Quadrant, and in the middle, we can finally see a brand new high-powered flight sim USB hub that was designed specifically for flight simmers.

Nicki explained, that a lot of flight sim peripherals don’t work well with normal USB hubs due to their power requirements.

At last, Nicki has teased the audience with a new product that will be officially revealed later today – Sigma Tau. With great anticipation, Honeycomb Aeronautical’s Nicki has announced that they are now stepping in a military flight simulation.

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The stick itself is expected to start shipping somewhere in Q1 2022, but the throttle will not be coming out until Q2 2022. Not much information was given on this product as Nicki wanted to avoid giving their competition information about the product so early.

As part of the Q&A, Nicki has also explained why new products need to be made in order for them to be compatible with Xbox. He explained that Xbox devices require a chip to be inside the hardware peripheral in order to successfully connect. If the chip isn’t there, the Xbox’s software will decline the connection.

With the previous Honeycomb Aeronautical products, the chip was not included because at the time when they were starting shipping, there was no flight simulator for Xbox and so no need for it, but that has changed with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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