iniBuilds Previews New A300 Following A320neo Announcement

iniBuilds recently shared new previews of their upcoming A300-600R(F) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Alongside this development, it has been announced that the team is also working to bring an A320neo to the simulator.

iniBuilds A300-600R(F) for MSFS

Since being announced at FSExpo 2023, the iniBuilds team has been efficient in providing new previews and updates on the development of the A300. Most recently, iniBuilds took to their Facebook page to preview some detailed internal systems of the upcoming aircraft. With these previews, it was announced that the aircraft will feature full engine interiors and an APU interior. These features are part of the aircraft maintenance system, which will be serviceable via the onboard tablet.

For those who may have missed previous updates, the A300-600 will be available in both passenger and freight variations. From the previews that have been shared, the modelling and texturing looks stunning. It appears that the team has given great attention to detail, with each individual rivet accounted for, alongside rustic textures.

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The aircraft will feature a comprehensive simulation of systems, including custom WWise sounds. Along with the detailed modelling and textures, the aircraft will have extensive functionality through the ACARS and CPDLC systems. This includes a detailed onboard EFB, which will control ground services, maintenance and a custom freight system. The EFB will also be completely compatible with Simbrief and Vatsim. For those who may have missed these previews, be sure to visit our previous article on this.

iniBuilds A320neo for MSFS

In a recent developer live stream, Jorg Neumann, Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, announced that iniBuilds is developing an all-new A320neo. It was announced that this, along with many other new features, will be included in the simulator upon the release of Sim Update 14.

Although no preview images were shared, some minor details were leaked surrounding the project. Unlike the current Asobo A320neo, which was shipped with the initial launch of MSFS, the iniBuilds A320neo is being developed from scratch. This means that the aircraft will operate alongside the current A320neo from Asobo and FlyByWire. The new release will not interfere with the years of hard work that has been dedicated to upgrading and creating mods for the original aircraft.

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It was also noted that one of the main goals of the project was to provide an A320neo of much higher quality. Neumann added that the quality will likely be similar to the previous A310 project from iniBuilds.

About iniBuilds

iniBuilds first burst onto the scene in 2019, with the release of a highly detailed A300-600 for X-Plane 11. Since the release of that project, the team has continued to develop a range of detailed payware add-ons for X-Plane, including the Airbus Beluga and a series of sceneries. Partnering with Asobo, iniBuilds released their first MSFS project in November 2022. This project, the A310, was well received within the flight simulation community for the level of detail in the modelling and systems alike.

Alongside the development of highly detailed aircraft, iniBuilds has provided MSFS users with a number of quality sceneries. These products include some major international hubs, such as Los Angeles International, New York John F. Kennedy International and Honolulu International. Read about these products here. They are available for purchase via the iniBuilds store.

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The upcoming A320neo will operate similarly to last year’s release of the A310, as both aircraft are developed with Microsoft. The A300-600, however, will be a standalone product that is developed without a direct partnership with Microsoft.

Release Timeline

It has been announced that the A300 project is expected to be released before the end of 2023, including both the passenger and freight variants. As for the A320neo, it is expected to be released with Sim Update 14. This update is expected to fall towards the end of 2023, most likely during the Christmas season. When further information becomes available, be sure to stay updated on all iniBuilds developments via FSNews.

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