21.3.2020 – 18:28z

iniBuilds A300 Development Update #3 (21st March)

Announced back on the 23rd of February, last time mentioned on the 8th of March, iniBuilds has been quite silent about their Airbus A300 for X-Plane 11 since then. Until today.

The iniBuilds Working Group have commenced their initial testing of the aircraft since our last update and development is progressing extensively also.

Until today, we have been provided with texturing and modelling, while today, iniBuilds has provided us with an insight into the system depth, exactly speaking about ELEC system. Also, FMOD sounds previews were shared.

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We do not really just want to copy & paste what Cameron, Lead Product Manager, wrote in the original post, and he did an amazing job describing the screenshot above, so if you want to learn more about the ELEC systems in the A300, I highly recommend you to read the original post.


You will also see and (hear!) an APU start sequence, from both the interior and exterior, providing insight into the audio development undertaken so far; using FMOD, dynamic sound balancing based on environmental conditions, and authentic recordings from the A300-600R.

I have included some older previews of the aircraft below 🙂

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