10.8.2020 – 14:39z

iniBuilds Releases A300 for X-Plane 11

After months of teasing, iniBuilds has today released their long-awaited rendition of Airbus A300-600R(F) for X-Plane 11. It is clear, that developers have achieved the most realism possible with custom-coded systems, flight dynamics and much more.

The aircraft is the first addon in the iniBuilds series called “ON THE LINE” which should feature only the best out of the best on the scene. How in-depth the aircraft is can also be seen in the tutorial videos published by iniBuilds.

The aircraft features, for example, custom ground handling set, onboard EFB, multiple engine variants, accurate night lighting, or custom systems. The complete feature list can be found below.

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There will be a passenger variant available soon free of charge for owners of the aircraft. There is no ETA on that.

If you want to purchase the addon, you can do so via the iniBuilds website for €77.53.

Feature list

  • Detailed custom FMS designed to replicate an on the line experience
  •  SIDs, STARs, SEC flight plan, custom VNAV and LNAV, altitude and speed constraints and holds
  •  Independent FMS with state-of-the-art high definition pop-outs with high-resolution cockpit displays
  •  Custom system rendition including bespoke hydraulic, electrical, pressurisation and fuel operation including unique A300-600R trim tank functionality
  • Unique behavioural characteristics of the A300-600R simulated throughout each system for the most excellent immersive experience
  •  Extensively tuned flight model to capture A300-600R characteristics including accurate performance; landing and takeoff behaviour with custom ground effect simulation
  •  Custom taxiing behaviour following extensive consultation from empirical sources
  •  Custom stalling behaviour including aerodynamic buffet
  •  Accurate rendition of General Electric GE CF6-80C2A1 and Pratt & Whitney PW4158 variant engine behaviour
  •  ACARS Wind Uplink
  • 4K, PBR texturing in both the exterior and interior of the aircraft
  •  High-resolution, pixel-perfect cockpit displays
  •  Accurate, toned night lighting
  •  Detailed renditions of the General Electric GE CF6-80C2A1 and Pratt & Whitney PW4000 models
  •  A contemporary set of realistic and fictional liveries courtesy of the iniBuilds Painting Team available for free
  • Custom FMOD sounds with two unique sound sets for each engine type (GE CF6 and PW4000), including authentic sound recordings from the real aircraft
  •  Audio dynamically balanced within a 3D environment, coupled with location-dependent audio, as well as the inclusion of audio based on a variety of environmental conditions
  •  All buttons, levers and switches have their own unique sound that varies each time during interaction
  • iniGroundHandling Set for both A300 Freighter and Passenger Expansion
  •  Feature-rich onboard Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
  •  Revolutionary performance calculator and data
  •  Interactive loading area functionality
  • Free A300-600R passenger expansion (coming soon)
  •  Built-in panel state capabilities
  •  Weather and Terrain Radar
  •  Compatibility with BetterPushback plugin
  •  Extensive user settings options

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