1.8.2021 – 13:20z

IniBuild Updates Their A310 On The Line To V1.01 For X-Plane 11

IniBuilds have taken to their forum page on Friday to announce their first minor update for their recently released A310 addon for X-Plane 11.

The developer has communicated that the update will aim to improve some systems and fix major bugs. Customers will have to uninstall their current copy of the aircraft before installing the update, which is available on the IniBuilds store.

IniBuilds has also stated that other minor bugs will be fixed and be released alongside the anticipated MRTT/Medevac variants in August.

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Changelog (v1.01)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed BRK Fail Visual Bug 
  • Fixed EMER EXIT LT Bug
  • Fixed LDG GEAR WARN TEST clickspot
  • Fixed Passenger Cabin clickspot
  • Fixed ACP Lighting behind IDC
  • Fixed CPDLC – Wilco/Stby Logic
  • Fixed IDC Scratchpad character limits
  • Fixed CPDLC crashing when NAVLOG in SimBrief was enabled in flight planning
  • Fixed CPDLC-POS REPORT not being to able to enter GS over 500kts
  • Fixed frequencies 128.450, 129.450, 130.450
  • Fixed LDG PERF – change TOW to LEW
  • Fixed ZFW and FOB Logic in FMS
  • Fixed No ZFW showing MAX OPT Flight Levels
  • Fixed Landing Gear Bindings Bug
  • Fixed CPDLC Messaging Logic in some places
  • Fixed +/- keys in IDC
  • Fixed EFB boot screen to have A310 logo


  • Improved Engine temperature Logic
  • Improved Fuel Pressure Logic
  • Improved Spoiler Deployment speed
  • Improved Alternate Braking and BRK ACCU Logic
  • Improved Interior PAX Windows (lightened)
  • Improved Gear Textures/Normals
  • Improved SID and STAR Logic

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