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IXEG 737 Update 1.3 Video Preview (XP11)

Screenshots do not reflect the 1.3 update.

On YouTube, Jan Vogel, an IXEG developer, released a video covering update 1.3 for their 737-300 Classic for X-Plane 11. According to some, it is the most in-depth aircraft released to date for X-Plane.

Thanks to the coronacrisis, the team was able to put more time in the development of the aircraft. They still want to work on it and update it to modern-day X-Plane add-on standards. Vogel says that the update will be released relatively soon, probably within the next month. It’s not an update with a lot of new features. He calls it a “quality of life update”. The changelog below is made from the video and is not officially released by IXEG and is not complete. They will release one themselves when it is finalized. The team will also try to release short update videos regularly.

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IXEG 737 Update 1.3 Video Preview (XP11) - X-Plane, IXEG

The update is made for X-Plane 11, but will work X-Plane 10 too. It is optimized for the Experimental Flight Model in X-Plane 11, which you can enable in the settings.


  • Rudder input no longer makes the aircraft brake. This was a problem for users without rudder pedals.
  • Runway turn-off lights no longer light up the MCP.
  • Standby Power logic improved so you can use it as you would in real life.
  • Fixed Engine Fire button preventing that engines reverser from deploying.
  • Stall Warning buttons work again.
  • External views are again accessible after watching a replay.
  • Improved pitch values because of new downwash model.
  • Reverted to default X-Plane ground model.
  • Improved camera shake on take-off roll.
  • Altitude selector scrolling sensitivity improvements.
  • The scroll wheel can now be used for almost all manipulators, so you don’t have to drag the button.
  • External lighting intensity changed.
  • Many materials and shapes in the cockpit improved.
  • Few small FMS improvements.
  • Improved winglets looks and fixed nav light bug in the winglet.
  • Updated shape and look of the engine.
  • Wind makes turned off engines spin slowly.
  • Spoiler animations in replay mode fixed.
  • Gear handling logic for replay mode fixed.
  • Introducing fuel in the engine too early will now make it hot start.
  • Windmill start engine
  • Added working flashlights for Captain and First Officer to light up a dark cockpit.
  • Numbers on the yoke are now useable.
  • Engine Anti-ice when Outside Temperature is higher than 15°C will give a warning on the FMS, like in real life.
  • Main menu pop-out can be disabled and can be enabled by keybind.
  • Camera menu pop-up can be disabled or enabled
  • Yoke height lowered but can be changed with a slider option.
  • AviTab EFB compatibility
  • Option to resize/remove EHSI pop-up preview window

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