Just Flight Releases 146 Professional for X-Plane 11

After months of teasing and speculations about the default FMC which is equipped in the aircraft, Just Flight has today released their rendition of BAe 146 for X-Plane 11.

Bringing eight variants of the aircraft to the platform (-100; -200; -300; -200 QC & QT; -300 QT; CC.Mk2; C.Mk3), the addon otherwise has a very extensive feature list that will please not one flight simmers. It offers accurate flight model and dynamics based on the real aircraft, numerous custom animations enhancing the experience, or an EFB tablet with AviTab integration.

Additionally, all textures featured in the addon are in 4k resolution and use PBR to produce realistic surfaces. Of course, as with other Just Flight aircraft addons, the soundpack featured in the addon was recorded from the real aircraft.

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On the FMC topic, Just Flight has, in the initial release version featured only the default version of the FMC. This was a hot topic through the past few months as the Prepar3D variant of the aircraft, as well developed by Just Flight, featured a fully custom-coded FMC.

While the initial release version features only a default FMC with some small enhancements to the 3D mesh, Just Flight has confirmed that a custom FMC is coming soon to the aircraft. Other than the FMC, the addon features custom-coded aircraft systems such as auto-flight, communication, hydraulic, or electrical systems.

For virtual reality headset users, the developers promise the aircraft to be fully VR compatible.

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The addon can be purchased through the Just Flight’s website for €69.95.

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