Majestic Software Releases Q400 COCKPIT Edition for P3D

Majestic Software has a few days ago released a new version of their well-known study-level rendition of a Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 for Prepar3D. For a new user in the community, all versions of the aircraft may be quite confusing, as it was for me when I first saw them.

There are currently three variants available, including the new COCKPIT variant. The PILOT version of the aircraft is the most basic one offering the least features. It’s basically the version you would want to get if you’re not looking into learning all procedures, but more of a casual flyer.

Then there’s the PRO variant which is intended to be used by flight simmers who want to learn something about the aircraft, but can live without a few features. Further, there is the TRAINING variant in development which will offer the user the ability to recreate basically all procedures accurately in the simulator.

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The most recent variant, which was released just a few days ago, is called COCKPIT. It offers all features the other variants offer, including what will the upcoming TRAINING variant offer, plus better compatibility with home cockpit software and hardware.

This includes, for example, multimonitor 2D panel support, touch screen support, separate EFIS screens allowing the user to show all vector screens on separate networked PCs, or hardware intercom support allowing the user to build a working hardware audio intercom.

The developer has also updated the community on the status of the highly-anticipated TRAINING variant of the aircraft. It was confirmed, that the TRAINING variant is coming after a visual update to the virtual cockpit of the aircraft and an update to the Visual Extension Package.

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But for now, if you want to purchase the COCKPIT edition of the Majestic Software’s Q400, you can do so through SimMarket for about €300 with taxes excluded.

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