Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Update (August 20th)

The developer team of recently released Microsoft Flight Simulator has shared a new development update regarding the future patches of the game, together with an introduction to another partner in the partnership series.

The update has been as usually shared via Flight Simulator website, together with some community screenshots as well. The developers are thankful for all the support and feedback they noticed since August 18th. Now, they are working on some patches to the simulator, to make the immersion even better. The patch will mainly focus on the addressed issues that have been reported for the last days. The patch should be released on August 27th.

If you will find any more issues, you can report those here.

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In the next partnership series episode, the developer introduced a well-known Microsoft product – Bing, which is responsible for the real-world satellite imagery in the simulator.

Another thing that was discussed, is the SDK update, which has been made public with the release of the simulator. The SDK is still basic, the developer says and there is still a lot more to come into it. Since the closed beta, the developer improved the documentation of it, especially for aprons, taxiway signs, and navdata. Now, the development should be easier with improved developer mode found in simulator.

For the aircraft, WebAssembly package is still undergoing development. The developers are trying to implement a code to help porting existing C++ aircraft models. Also, they are improving SimConnect feature, which is used to connect to VATSIM and some other 3rd party add-ons.

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The last but not least mentioned, is a new series by the developers – Around the world. This series will take you through across all continents and interesting places all over the world. The first episode is about Oceania and its interesting places.

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