MLAeroDG Messerschmitt 109 Update

MLAeroDG today made an announcement about an update for their Messerschmitt 109 package. They also mentioned that other planes should also get an update soon.

The new update for Messerchmitt 109 features adapted flight model to the experimental flight model featured in the X-Plane 11.40, new outside textures or added more details to the cockpit for example. We’ve put the full changelog below.

MLAeroDG also shared a video featuring the updated aircraft.


  • adapted flight model to XP11.40s experimental flight model (airfoils/ general)
  • changed compass
  • changed manipulators to use X-Plane descriptions and newer manipulator types
  • removed X-Plane 10 versions
  • changed glass textures
  • new outside textures
  • added details to cockpit
  • hide stick possible
  • oxygen supply enabled
  • basic autopilot added
  • added K-4 version

For more information, stay tuned on FSNews.

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