MP Scenery Releases Brno for MSFS

MP Scenery is a Ukrainian scenery developer known for his Prepar3D sceneries of airports in the Czech and Slovak republics. He already created sceneries of airports of Brno, Bratislava, Poprad-Tatry, as well as Košice for Prepar3D. A few days ago, he released his Brno Airport (LKTB) rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The information about this release was published through the Aerosoft Facebook page.

Airport Brno-Tuřany (in Czech Letiště Brno-Tuřany) is the second-busiest international airport in the Czech Republic. The airport is mainly used during summer, as it offers many flights to popular holiday destinations. The airport offers scheduled flights operated by Ryanair to Stansted, Bergamo, as well as Berlin. A Czech low-cost airline Smartwings operates flights from here during summer, to destinations such as Antalya, Burgas, Heraklion and a few more Greek islands. The airport operates only one runway and years ago it was also used as a military base.

This airport scenery has to offer detailed recreation of the real-world airport of Brno Tuřany. MP Scenery included a detailed passenger terminal with interior and animated passengers. There also are precise markings of the taxiway, runway, and apron. Furthermore, animations can be found all over this rendition. Speaking of those, there is an animated locator antenna, mentioned passengers, as well as flags. MP Scenery also created a few parts of the surrounding area. The scenery includes weather radar Sokolnice, Brno Castle, as well as a detailed medical clinic of Brno.

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This scenery of this little airport is now available through the Aerosoft store for €15.08.


  • Detailed passenger terminal with interior and animated passengers
  • Airport infrastructure includes buildings, hangars, fire department building
  • Flying club Brno-Slatina
  • Flight school HERBST AERO
  • User models of lights along taxiways with lighting connected to them
  • Detailed marking of taxiway, runway, apron
  • Animated locator antenna, passengers, flags
  • Brno castle – a modern building located in the city which is called the Brno Tower with a height of 111 m
  • A detailed medical clinic in Brno, on the territory of which there are two operating helipads where you can land and take off in helicopters
  • The DHL Express logistics centre was implemented
  • Logistics centre near the airport Lorenc Logistic, Ltd
  • Implemented weather radar Sokolnice

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