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Orbx Cardiff Airport – Review

Cardiff International is the busiest airport in Wales. Passenger numbers were 1.464 million in 2017 and are increasing year-on-year. We got a chance to get our hands on Orbx version of Cardiff International airport. This review wouldn’t be possible without Orbx, thank you!


Orbx did a great job designing the airport. Generally, there is nothing bad I could say about the airport design. When I landed for the first time at Cardiff International airport I was truly amazed by the work which was put into the design of the runway, tarmac and of course the terminal building. In the case of airport surroundings, it isn’t as well designed as the airport itself, but it isn’t game-breaking.

Orbx Cardiff Airport - Review - Orbx, X-Plane

Frame Rate

In terms of frame rate, Cardiff International is an FPS friendly scenery. When I was landing I got slightly lower FPS, but I was expecting that since the scenery was loading. Overall Orbx did a good job in terms of optimizations.

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Orbx Cardiff Airport - Review - Orbx, X-Plane


For 22 USD you should consider purchasing this scenery. Even with slower hardware, you shouldn’t have a big problem running this scenery and the quality is amazing. If I should rate this scenery from 0 to 10, I would give it a nice mark of 9. I took away that one point for airport surroundings, which could be better.

If you want to buy this scenery, you can do so on Orbx official website.

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