Orbx Released 3 New Sceneries in Washington area

Orbx today released 3 new sceneries for X-Plane 11 by Laminar Research within the Washinton area. They are – Darrington Municipal Airport (1S2), Israel’s Farm Airport (WA56) and Anacortes Airport (74S).

Since we’ve already done an article about Darrington Municipal Airport (link here), this article will be mainly about Israel’s Farm Airport and Anacortes Airport.

All airports are compatible with Orbx’s TrueEarth Washington US.

Anacortes Airport

Anacortes Airport scenery from Orbx doesn’t feature just one airport, but many other options where to land, from a helipad to a water runway. It looks like Orbx spent some time on this scenery since the screenshots are very promising.

If you want to purchase this scenery, you can do so on orbxdirect.com for 32,95 AUD.

The screenshots look very nice, however, that can cause very big FPS issues.

Israel’s Farm Airport

I would like to mention, that if you already have TrueEarth Washington US or you’re going to purchase it, do not buy this scenery – it will be included in it.

Israel’s Farm Airport is located between Anacortes Airport and Darrington Municipal Airport, so it is considered a perfect halfway point.

If you want to buy this scenery, you can do so at orbxdirect.com for 12,95 AUD.

Thank you for reading my article 🙂 If you have any questions, simply submit a comment.

Author: George

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