Orbx Releases Brisbane Airport v2 for Prepar3D

Being it over ten years since the first version of the scenery was released to the public, Orbx has today released a major update for their scenery covering the Brisbane Airport (YBBN) in Prepar3D.

Released as a separate product, Brisbane Airport v2 scenery was developed using the latest SDK technologies and so offers its users features that were not possible back when the first version was released ten years ago.

The scenery was developed from scratch and features up-to-date and accurate airport layout, PBR textures on hero assets, custom SODE and VDGS integration, color-corrected orthoimagery coveing an area of about 120 squared kilometres, custom GSX profile by iniBuilds, or a scenery configurator.

Furthermore, the scenery was developed to be compatible with Australia v2 scenery from Orbx.

Armed with local knowledge and a combined 30 years of development experience, this is our most detailed Australian airport yet, giving you more exciting possibilities in our home country.

Brisbane Airport v2 – Product Description

If you want to purchase the scenery, you can do so through the Orbx website or client for approximately €19.36. There is a 50% discount available for existing owners of the Brisbane Airport v1 scenery.

Feature list

  • Complete new version of YBBN
  • PBR textures on hero assets
  • Current airport layout
  • Custom SODE and VDGS integration
  • 120 sq km colour corrected 30cm orthoimagery
  • GSX profile by iniBuilds
  • Control Panel options to configure the scenery for your PC
  • Designed for Australia v2

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