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Parallel 42 Teases “Immersion” for Microsoft Flight Simulator, With Exclusive Pricing Information

Parallel 42, developers of scenery, aircraft, and simulator enhancement add-ons, teased the development of “Parallel 42 Immersion” for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This announcement came yesterday via their Discord. Although information is currently scant, the announcement implies that Parallel 42 is bringing their past “Immersion” product line from older simulators forward into Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Parallel 42 Immersion in Other Simulators

Parallel 42 Immersion is a series of visual effects (VFX) enhancements for older simulators, primarily FSX, Prepar3D V.4, and V.5. “In our search for total immersion, we often overlook the finer details that are missing in-sim. It’s these important details that add the most to our experience,” states the product page for 737 Immersion V2. Parallel 42’s Immersion products add VFX such as wing & engine condensation, APU cold start effects, and more to compatible aircraft.

Previous versions of Parallel 42 Immersion are sold as add-ons for each individual compatible aircraft. Each add-on, and the effects therein, are controlled via an Immersion Manager program to manage enabled effects. “The real magic,” Parallel 42 CEO Edson Soriano says, “is in the custom variables created by //42 to actively monitor the environment so that these effects only show when they would do so in the real world. These are not simple ‘always on’ trickery.” Each add-on has an emphasis on performance, requiring minuscule extra resources to function.

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This trailer for 737 Immersion V2 by Parallel 42 was offered as context for previous versions of this addon in Prepar3D, and is not indicative of any feature list in future products, such as Parallel 42 Immersion for MSFS.

Additionally, while contrails existed in FSX and Prepar3D, it’s important to note that contrails have a unique signature per aircraft. Modern simulators often do not replicate this, and the volumetric contrails created by Parallel 42 Immersion packs in FSX and Prepar3D were accurate per airframe and significantly more visually stunning.

Parallel 42 Immersion for Microsoft Flight Simulator

“To everyone who said we ‘abandoned flight sim’ because we started ‘selling tents’,” stated Edson, “May your joystick sensors develop a fondness for dust & grime. //42 Immersion is coming…” Edson said that he was unable to provide more information at this time, but stated that this is quite a milestone for the Parallel 42 team.

Some of the features offered by previous Immersion releases are already replicated in Microsoft Flight Simulator, such as contrails (although without the improvements of previous Immersion releases) and many of the volumetric lighting improvements provided by previous releases. However, wing condensation effects and tip vortices were both highlighted in the announcement screenshot, implying that these are both coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator in the upcoming release. Neither of these effects is currently modeled in the simulator, which has historically struggled with accurately reproducing environmental effects such as spray, condensation, and dust.

Exclusive Pricing Information

Parallel 42 CEO Edson Soriano provided the following statement exclusively to FSNews:

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“For those familiar with our //42 Immersion Packs, here’s a scoop: MSFS has a much larger user base than previous platforms, and more users mean we can fine-tune our pricing to be even friendlier for everyone. Expect top-quality immersive experiences for your favorite aircraft at prices that won’t keep you grounded. //e”

Parallel 42’s Other Add-Ons for MSFS

Parallel 42 has built a reputation in MSFS for releasing highly polished sceneries, utilities, and environment add-ons. Their products are known for often being outside the mold of what people expect for flight sim development and pushing the boundaries of what the simulator as a platform is capable of. Parallel 42 Immersion for MSFS is expected to be a continuation of these values, enhancing the already stunning visuals of the simulator.

Parallel 42 recently announced that their other popular add-on, ChasePlane, may have a future in Microsoft Flight Simulator after discussions with Jorg Neumann at FSExpo 2023. With both ChasePlane and Immersion seeing a move to MSFS, it is clear the team has been actively monitoring the advancement of the SDK, in order to breathe new life into their original product lines.

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Further details of the pricing structure, release date, and full feature list of Parallel 42 Immersion are still yet to be announced. In the meantime, read our overview of what makes Parallel 42 sceneries unique, or our article on the MSFS Marketplace’s struggles from a developer’s perspective, both of which were written with input from Edson Soriano. When more information on Parallel 42 Immersion becomes available, you’ll find the announcements here at FSNews.

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