PMDG Development Update (July 30th)

PMDG has shared a new development update of their upcoming content for Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator. Concerning the Microsoft Flight Simulator, the developer also shared the first previews of their first add-on to be converted in that simulator – PMDG 737NG3.

The development update has been shared on their forums, showing off also some screenshots of the NG3 in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The first announcement was made back in 2019 when the 737-NGXu has been released. The developers are looking forward to converting their fleet of 747, 777 and DC-6 to the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The developer stated that this version is not a conversion of the older NGXu. It is an entirely new-built product. The developers are learning with an entirely new system to give us the best experience possible. We can expect an entirely new flight model and physics using the new great capabilities of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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The second thing what was the developer talking about is the 737 NGXu Cargo expansion and updates for the current fleet for Prepar3D.

Regarding the Cargo expansion for 737, it is going to be in beta testing later this week. It should be a short beta cycle prior to release. It will bring us variants of this aircraft like 737-700 BDSF, 737-800 BDSF, as well as converted freighters. The liveries for it will be available with the release through PMDG operations centre, and it will serve a variety of liveries of DHL and Amazon Prime aeroplanes from a range of operators.

The BBJ expansion is nearing completion and the product is about to start alpha testing. It should be released in the next weeks. More details about it, however, will be featured in the upcoming update.

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Regarding the Boeing 777, its FMS has been brought up to parity with the 747 and is now ready to commence communicating within PMDG Global Flight Operations. However, the 777 has no eta to be updated, as the team now mainly work in the things specified above. This update should bring us 777-200ER variant, PBR textures, new systems, etc.

PMDG Global Flight Operations has been quietly expanding testing and bringing new users in via invitation in order to test out some of the aspects of this app. There are few major announcements comming about the Global Flight Operations.

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